Survivor's Voice - Women's Cotton Tee
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Survivor's Voice - Women's Cotton Tee Survivor's Voice - Women's Cotton Tee Survivor's Voice - Women's Cotton Tee Survivor's Voice - Women's Cotton Tee

Survivor's Voice - Women's Cotton Tee



  • Order a size smaller for a more fitted look

Product Materials:

  • Standard Fit
  • High Quality
  • 90% Cotton, 10% Coolmax


Most will find our cotton tee to be the ideal fit for everyday wear, sitting just below the waist and fitting comfortably to the body without being too tight.  It is perfect to wear on its own or to layer with a blazer or sweater.

When we think of PTSD, most of us first associate the term with those who have lived through war.  But, traumatic events can extend past the battle field.  Child abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters and any moment that leaves a person feeling broken can bring on PTSD. And it is a FACT that PTSD is not rare and it is not unusual. You are not weak or powerless if you suffer from PTSD!

In this piece, artist Jill Henrichsen wanted to show that PTSD can be a lasting after effect of rape.  This is something that millions of people live with today and, unfortunately, many of them live in silence.  

It goes without saying that living with the minute to minute reality of dealing with the after effects of rape is horrendous. Sure, the physical pain of what has happened soon fades or goes away completely. However, it’s the emotional scars and continual inner pain that are not seen that take the longest to heal.  This design is meant to offer support, awareness and help to reduce the stigma that is around coming forward after being abused.

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