Our Goal



Our belief at Stand Up Speak Up is that everyone has the chance to make a positive difference in the world. While many of our designs represent complex world problems that we know will take time to solve, small acts of kindness and love are something that we can each commit to doing to help make this world a happier and safer place to live.

In 2017, Stand Up Speak Up Fashion in collaboration with our sister site, Stand Up Speak Up Blog, have committed to accomplishing 3000 Acts of Kindness by 2020. As always, we are doing this through finding new and creative ways to spread awareness and start conversations about topics that we believe need to be brought into the forefront:

Individual Acts:

More than just as a company, we also are committed to giving back as individuals. Members of our team are volunteering and giving back throughout their own communities.

    Stand Up Speak Up Podcast:

    Sharing Stories - Our podcast, Stand Up Speak Up investigates the stories of people and events that might otherwise be swept under the rug.

      Our Designs:

      • Action for Teens @ Risk Designs:

      • The Breakfast Club
      • Street Youth
      • Cinderella
      • Wheel of Misfortune
      • Scars Healed Through Art
      • Written on Skin
      • The Reasons
      • Modern Day Wonderland
      • Against Abuse Designs:
      • The Predator
      • Sheep's Clothing
      • Playing Possum
      • Modern Day Slavery
      • Not For Sale
      • Indigenous Women
      • Braver Than Bullies Designs:
      • No Bull
      • The Bullying Contagion
      • Beyond Addiction Designs:
      • The Mirror
      • Addiction Unmasked
      • Addicted to Tech
      • Gamer Addiction
      • Know Your Limit
      • Fierce Designs:
      • Untouchable
      • Naughty Girl
      • Bite Me
      • Bloom from Within
      • Make Me Up
      • Hope for the Homeless Designs:
      • Couch Surfing
      • The Face of Homelessness
      • Spread Positivity Designs:
      • Pet Therapy
      • Grab Control
      • Deeply Rooted
      • Breathe
      • Fearless
      • Gratitude
      • Hope
      • Choose Happiness
      • 100 Roads to Happiness
      • Bravery
      • Authenticity
      • Speak Up
      • Love Motif
      • Creativity
      • Taking Flight
      • Child Like Wonder
      • Stop The Stigma Designs:
      • It's A Mad, Mad World
      • Hang In There
      • Anger
      • Ego Monster
      • Self Harm
      • Sad to Happy Journey
      • The Carousel of Life
      • Dark Angel
      • Internal Struggle
      • My Inner Ghouls
      • Portrait of a Psyche
      • Blue Heat
      • Style Speaks Designs:
      • Fire and Ice
      • We are all Foreigners
      • You Keep it on the Inside
      • Life is Easy
      • Pure Happiness
      • Zero Discrimination Designs:
      • Rebel With A Cause
      • Love Butterfly
      • I Love Who I Am
      • Let it Fly
      • Fancy Girl
      • Genderbread
      • Peek-A-Boo Police
      • Solidarity
      • Brewing Hate
      • H8 Free Zone

      Stand Up Speak Up YouTube Channel:

      Adding Visibility - Videos are a great medium these days for sharing a message with people throughout the world. Ours aim to help individuals and groups to raise their voice to a number of causes.

        Our Quizzes:

        Helping You Engage - Our Quizzes go deep to help you discover more about yourself and how you can contribute to causes throughout the world.